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The natural processes of aging, and the effects of gravity. Sagging breasts could also be related changes in body composition after significant weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding. Every year breast lift procedures grow in popularity. A breast lift involves removing skin and possibly small amounts of breast tissue to tighten the breast and lift it for a more youthful appearance.

A breast lift procedure raises the height of your breasts by removing excess skin which results in tightening of your natural breast tissue. This effectively reshapes each breast while restoring some of its youthful support.

Dr. Charles V. Pledger will employ an incision strategy specific to your personal breast shape and the location of your areola. This helps to minimize the amount of visible scarring once your skin has completely healed.

Depending on your personal preference, he might create incisions around the areola of each breast to adjust its size and location. From there an incision can be made down from the areola to the base of the breast to remove skin. This will help to tighten and lift the breast.

Another incision strategy Dr. Charles V. Pledger might use will adjust the areola with a vertical incision down from the breast crease followed by a horizontal incision.

If you are interested in having a breast lift to restore your youthful bust line, please call Dr. Charles V. Pledger’s office in Provo, Utah at 801-373-4300 to schedule a consultation session.