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The natural processes of aging, as well as changes in your body composition, can affect the appearance of various body parts. For some individuals this also includes changes in the skin and fatty tissues of the upper arm.

If you have noticed a problem with loose skin or excess fat causing your arms to look flabby, you might want to consider setting up a consultation appointment with Dr. Charles V. Pledger M.D. at his clinic in Provo, Utah.

In some of these cases an arm lift can prove effective at restoring the youthful appearance of the upper arm. Also known as an arm reduction this outpatient procedure is designed to remove unwanted fatty deposits from the upper arm while also excising a small amount of skin. The skin is then sutured and tightened to give your arm a firm and youthful appearance.

When scheduling the procedure it can be helpful to plan to take some time off from work and other strenuous activities. Aftercare measures might also include taking prescription pain medication at the stated times and dosages to help you remain comfortable throughout the recovery process.

If you live in the Provo, Utah, area and you are unhappy with the loose appearance of your upper arms, you should call 801-373-4300 to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Charles V. Pledger.