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Facelift surgery is an outpatient procedure designed to help reduce the natural signs skin aging around your neckline and face. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that an average of 128,000 Americans have facelift surgery in a given year. It’s not uncommon for facelift surgery to also include a neck or eye lift. While this might increase recovery time it also helps to address related areas all at one time instead of having multiple procedures in the future.

Most people choose to have a facelift to improve sagging in the middle of your face, deep creases below the lower eyelids or along the nose and mouth. It can also to improve skin tone and texture in the lower face as well as loose skin or excess fatty deposits under your chin.

The facelift might also include having facial implants over the cheek bones or chin. They might also choose to have a fat augmentation procedure to move unwanted fat from one part of the body and have it placed into the cheek, or chin to give the area prominence, without the use of implants.

Your recovery time will vary depending on how the extent of surgical intervention, your age and quality aftercare. Dr. Charles V. Pledger will advise you on basic recovery tips.

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