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Your skin’s pores are complex and include several different components. Excess sweat, oil, body soil, malformed hair follicles, and other environmental factors can start to clog these pores. In time, it can cause minor skin inflammation and the minor swelling of telltale acne.

Some people are more prone to develop acne problems related to their genetics or their lifestyle factors. While this is more likely to be an issue for people in their adolescent years into early adulthood. However, acne can still be an issue at any age.

There are several different methods for treating chronic acne. This can include a daily facial cleansing routine, special medications, topical skin creams, and changes in your diet. One way to help clean your pores to help these measures be more effective is to have Dr. Charles V. Pledger and his associates perform a microdermabrasion treatment.

It can be administered in a single outpatient appointment without any need for sedation. The process involves passing a gentle suction tube over the upper layers of the dermis. The special crystals within the aperture of the tube will gently remove old skin cells and other dermal debris.

Afterward, we might also provide you with a prescription for other acne treatment measures.

If you live in the Provo, Utah area and you are struggling to deal with chronic acne you should call 801-373-4300 to schedule a microdermabrasion treatment at Charles V. Pledger, MD.