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Your ears do more than simply transmit the sensation of sound from the outside world to your brain. Indeed, the external structures of the ear can also have a cosmetic effect on the overall appearance and balance of your face.

Sometimes physical injuries, genetics and certain lifestyle factors can affect the appearance of one or both of your ears. Patients dealing with these physical and cosmetic aberrations often experience self-confidence issues related to their self-image.

If you have been struggling with a physical deformation with one or both of your years, you might want to consider scheduling otoplasty consultation with Dr. Charles V. Pledger at his clinic in Provo, Utah. During the appointment he will assess the nature and severity of the defect to your ears.

In many of these cases, the most effective treatment plan calls for Dr. Pledger to perform an otoplasty. This outpatient surgery can improve the natural shape of your ears to improve a physical defect or to bring your ears into balance with the rest of your face.

Dr. Pledger will carefully explain any necessary aftercare considerations. This might also include providing you with a prescription for pain medication to help you remain comfortable while throughout the recovery process.

If you are in the Provo, Utah, area and you are unhappy with the physical appearance of one or both of your ears, you should call 801-373- 4300 to set up an otoplasty consultation with Dr. Charles V. Pledger M.D. today!